About Wyatt's Wheels


ABOUT wyatt's wheels

We knew we wanted to raise money for CuddleCots and HEALing Embrace to give gifts of comfort so those who are sadly dealing with the loss of a child like we did, can have some comfort and peace during those early grieving stages.

How could we gain awareness for our cause and and have fun at the same time?! It all started when this cute little car showed up! There are a few ways to join the fun!

Did Wyatt's Wheels show up on your lawn?!

help Wyatt's Wheels continue on his journey! 

$25 – On the Road Again

Move Wyatt's Wheels to ANY house you like! Next door, across town - wherever you want! Donate $25.00 and get him on the road again!

$50 – Tow Away

No time to decide where Wyatt's Wheels should go next? No problem! For a $50.00 donation, just contact Meagan and Mike and they will come pick him up and move him for you! 

$10 – $250 Luxury Detail

Wyatt's Wheels didn't make it to your neighborhood or lawn? You want to make an additional donation? No problem! Go to our donation page and choose your amount! 


We’d love for you to snap a photo with Wyatt's Wheels so we can all share in his adventures!  Post your visit with Wyatt's Wheels to our Instagram and Facebook pages and check back often to see where he has been! 


All funds raised will support the purchase of CuddleCots for hospitals in need. Donations will also be sent to HEALing Embrace to fund “Birth”day Bears!

Hurry! He NEEDS to visit as many places as possible!

Thank you for participating in our fundraiser. We appreciate your support more than you can imagine!