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by Meagan Wizceb

From the moment he started moving, Wyatt did not seem to stop. As we patiently waited for our squirmy little boy to arrive, our excitement grew, and I felt March 27, 2017 could not come soon enough.

On March 2, however, the unthinkable happened. A routine ultrasound forever changed our lives when our doctor said those four dreadful words, “There is no heartbeat."

On March 3 I gave birth to our handsome little 6lb 5oz, 20.5in boy. Wyatt Michael Wizceb may have been stillborn, but he was the most perfect angel we could have imagined.

After months of grief and support from our family and friends, we have decided to use Wyatt’s legacy to bring comfort to others who suffer similar loss.

Thank you so much for visiting our page and reading Wyatt’s story. We are excited about our causes and hope you can join us as we work together to reduce suffering and fill empty hearts.

Tiny toes

Tiny toes

Wyatt's nursery memorial

Wyatt's nursery memorial




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